Welcome to  THE VANGUARDIAN, an enrichment program for 7th-12th graders designed to optimize the potential of 1st generation US college applicants. We are excited to be launching ahead of schedule, and just in time to solve urgent educational gaps created by the pandemic

Our fears about the shortfalls of remote learning have unfortunately proven true–students are suffering from “zoom fatigue,” social isolation, and extracurricular cutbacks. 

Yet every historical disruption also opens the door for large-scale innovations–and THE VANGUARDIAN is poised to seize the moment to introduce a better model for high school education.

By leveraging the distance from traditional learning, we are implementing what was always missing from schools, such as strategic college admissions planning and our own high-caliber “academic sports” (publications, debate, math etc.) coached by recent champions. With a personalized plan and top-tier resources, students can build high school resumes that stand out in even the most competitive admissions polls.

And with a full slate of small-class prerequisites and AP classes on our menu, our students even have the option to accelerate their academics from the safety of home.

THE VANGUARDIAN is established in partnership by Nan Ni, (founder of  The Admissionary, a niche college consultancy with unmatched admissions ) and Hua Li, a New Jersey-based working mother of two (both Nan’s long-term clients) whose career spans nearly two decades at a Fortune 500 company and also includes leading a local school administration. 

THE VANGUARDIAN isn’t just the “New Normal;”, we are the better normal–and we thank all of you for exploring our vision of making 2020-2021 an extraordinary testimony to our community’s unbreakable resilience and self-reliance.