A 360°  Education Solution for 2020 & Beyond

Individual Strategy by the #1 College Consultant

+Twice a semester, students meet with Nan Ni (of The Lawrenceville School, Harvard College, and Stanford B-school) to craft and refine your long-term college application strategy. +Nan also founded The Admissionary, where 50% of her Asian American students matriculated at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, or Princeton over the last two admissions cycles. +All enrollees benefit from elite coaching on personal narratives that will be integrated into the Vanguardian curriculum.


+For over 18 school subjects during “Office Hour” zoom rooms , The Vanguardian’s team of elite instructors will be available for 1:1 breakout rooms to help students with their remote-learning assignments +These personal sessions give students the individual attention they need to strengthen foundational knowledge and submit high-caliber work, raising grades and rankings for the upcoming college years–sure to be amongst the most volatile and competitive ever. +Office hours will also instill the proactive learning style that will benefit them in higher education.

Get Total Control Over Your Education

+The Vanguardian will also offer classes from your regular school you may wish to bypass on your transcript. These full-year classes will meet 3x a week for 90 min each with up to 9 students a class Honors +Honors Biology, Geometry, and other foundational classes can skipped in regular school, which will allow you to advance past your competition and place out of regular classes with time to take collegiate math (e.g. linear algebra & differential equations). +We believe that it is the educator’s duty to adjust to each student’s expectations, not vice versa!

Selective Summer Programs & Internships

+The Vanguardian begins introducing students of each grade to summer plans curated to their particular interests and narratives in late Fall. +Over the next few months, students will meet with mentors and advisers to rank their opportunities and begin working on their cover letters or application essays under expert guidance +Nan will hold a series of workshops dedicated to crafting winning essays, stand-out resumes, and deploy her own network exclusively for The Vanguardian

Build Your Portfolio: Awards, Projects, Honors

+A compelling portfolio for elite admissions highlights victories other than GPA. Our coaching team of former champions and elite professionals will teach both skills and leadership. +The Vanguardian’s competitive extracurriculars and coaching staff of former champions will make good students into elite candidates: newspaper editors, top debaters, and trained mathletes +Innovative skills-based community service programs will make for unforgettable essay content, showcasing creativity, talent, and action-oriented empathy

Expertise & Experience, Clarity & Certainty

+Since 1st generation parents have never undergone the American application process–let alone a cycle in the middle of a pandemic with constantly changing standards. The Vanguardian will serve as a trusted advisor in these uncertain times, and leverage its adaptability to ensure that your student optimizes his or her potential no matter the circumstances +Hua and Nan will synthesize their experience as parents and higher education consultants to pivot strategies as soon as needed, a key skill in 2020 and beyond.