Zoom Room Logistics

*Office hours for each class will be held 3x a week (every other day, including one weekend day) from 7:30pm-10:30pm, when most students are completing homework or preparing for an assessment.

*Each class will have it's own Zoom room, staffed by 1-5 subject matter instructors (we will be adjusting according to demand).

*If your student is confused about a concept in Physics I introduced during remote learning, he or she can simply log into the Physics Office Hours Zoom Room to seek immediate assistance in a breakout room. Once the instructor has made sure that the student has a solid understanding, they will return to the main physics room and the student will leave the Zoom to resume completing the assignment.

*On the other hand, if the student knows ahead of time that they will need a review partner before a midterm to go over problems they've struggled with (e.g. will need 1-2 hours of 1:1 instruction), it is best to email at least 24 hours ahead to ensure that there is a compatible instructor who can dedicate themselves to a longer appointment.

*Students are also free to email instructors individually to set up sessions outside of office hours.

Zoom Room Offices


Room 1 (Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2)

Room 2 (Pre-Calc, AP Calculus AB & BC)

Room 3 (Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations)

Room 4 (Statistics--All levels)


Physics (All Levels, from basic AP Physics C)

Biology (all levels)

Chemistry (All Levels)

Chemistry (all levels)

Computer Science (All Levels)

Advanced Data Structures

Environmental Science & Geology (all levels)

AP Seminar & Research


AP Art History

U.S. History (middle school to AP)

World History (middle school to AP)

European History


AP English (Language, Literature and Composition)

Chinese (All Levels)French (All Levels)

Spanish (All levels)

Latin (All levels)


Human Geography & Social Studies (all levels)

Economics (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics)

AP Government (US Government & Comparative)

Psychology (All Levels)

*Other than a few advanced or specialized subjects, the Zoom Rooms will be staffed by very carefully selected current college students or recent graduates, those who still remain intimately familiar with the material that most adults have long forgotten.

*Instructors will report to a staffing manager, but are mostly free to sign up to be available for office hours when their own remote learning schedule allows it.

*This Zoom "Office Hours" structure guarantees that Vanguardian students will be taught by the best, top 15 college students who need flexibility and a far-above-market rate for their hard work. We have high expectations and great respect for every new instructor we welcome into the community.