Hua Li: Professional, Community Builder & Mother

Hua Li is the proud mother of two Livingston High students, both of whom have called Livingston home for their entire lives. She also established an commendable career as an actuary at a Fortune 500 company. Deeply invested in both the community and preserving her heritage, Hua established herself as a consistent, innovative presence in one of the Tri-state area’s largest Chinese schools. During her two years as an administrator, Hua streamlined processes and boosted staff morale. Eventually, she was elected to lead the school as the Principal.

During her tenure, Hua rallied the School leadership team with her effusive spirit and created a sustainable development strategy for the School that guaranteed its future survival. Hua juggled her family, her community, while establishing a distinguished career in the financial industry that spans nearly two decades. Now armed with deep organizational experience and Nan’s education expertise, Hua is ready to pursue her life’s mission: Creating environments to unify her community, and empowering her children by example to be the sole architects of their lives.

Like any other parents, Hua is concerned about the detrimental effects of remote learning on the educations of her two children, her elder daughter at Livingston and her younger son just entering high school during this disorienting year.  

A long-time client and advisor to Nan, the two agreed to embark on another partnership as they observed closely and together concluded that school districts could not possibly re-open safely. And thus, The Vanguardian was born. Hua will bring her corporate experience running cross-functional teams, her community leadership, and her experience as a mother to ensure that The Vanguardian remains the best possible option for our children during these difficult times.