Jeff Cai, Director of Lower School
Advanced Math & Latin Instructor

The Jersey-born-and-bred Jeff Cai grew up entirely in Princeton, NJ, where he excelled as both an athlete and all-around student. After becoming one of the few local Asian American boys chosen for the Class of 2020, Jeff distinguished himself as an elite tennis player. He competed at the highest junior level, winning the USTA (United States Tennis Association) 2017 Title in his age bracket. At Lawrenceville, Jeff established his presence on a competitive team playing both first and second singles on the Boy’s Varsity Tennis team before an untimely injury turned his focus to more  intellectual pursuits.

Like founder Nan Ni, Jeff served as the Editor-in-Chief of  The Lawrence, the School’s independent newspaper, printed every week in color. During his tenure as the 139th EIC, Jeff penned nuanced editorials that captured the campus milieu during a tumultuous time, calling for greater faculty diversity, battling ‘fake news,’ and partaking of existential issues such as the purpose of “passion” at Lawrenceville. Over his junior summer, he interned for Palm Drive Capital, a New York-based venture capital firm where his role involved identifying high-potential early-stage start-ups.

Jeff spends much of his free time reading books, ranging from science fiction to autobiographies. He also enjoys golfing during the summer time. Though Coronavirus leaves his college plans yet to be determined, he hopes to major in applied mathematics and comparative literature, bridging the false dichotomy of “STEM” and “Humanities.” Not only can Jeff master linear algebra, but he also crafts layered historical analyses at a  college-level of writing.

Having spent 20 hours a week editing articles while training for 6 days a week, he hopes to mentor the Vanguardian’s students by sharing his transformative experience as a writer, athlete, and fellow high school student.