Natsuko Sato, Writing Mentor & History Expert

Born in Japan and raised in upstate New York, Natsuko graduated from Princeton University in 2017 with a bachelors in Neuroscience and a certificate in Cognitive Science. She is a two-time recipient of the Stony Brook University Essay Competition Merit Award and was a selected presenter for the Quin Morton ’36 Research Conference sponsored by the Princeton Writing Program in 2014. During her time in university, she leveraged her STEM background to complete several internships in India, China, and the Philippines to conduct research in global health and public affairs.

Apart from academics, Natsuko is also an avid ballet dancer, having been dancing since the age of three. She placed in several domestic and international ballet competitions and participated in summer intensive programs on full scholarship. She continued to remain heavily involved with dance throughout university, being a member of Princeton University Ballet and dancing with the Princeton dance department.

Afte graduation, Natsuko began her career as a project manager at a Neuroscience-based bias training firm. She is now working internally at McKinsey & Associates, a great position that leaves her time to drill the best study habits and approaches to history and writing for Vanguardian students.