The Vanguardian team of instructors will be available for 1:1 OFFICE HOURS rooms from 7-10 daily for over 20+ subjects to help students with their remote-learning assignments.

Students will also have access to editors, journalists, and essays in the WRITER’S WORKSHOP  3 days a week from 7-10pm and 2 days from 9-12pm for the procrastinators.


These sessions give students the personalized attention that remote school cannot provide, raising GPAs. The Writer’s Workshop aims not only to ensure quality assignments, but also to change a student’s entire approach to writing. Whether you are a humanities or STEM student, you cen definitely benefit from stronger written communication skills and a higher GPA. J ust in time for the most volatile and competitive college application cycles ever.


Outsmart School Restrictions

By offering rigorous, small-class instruction for all AP classes, we free students from arbitrary School limits on accelerated progress

Get Prepared Earlier

For students who want to skip a pre-AP requirement or must pass an assessment to enroll, we will also offer small-class size teaching for lower level subjects as well