Extraordinary Resources for Exemplary Resumes

The Vanguardian will also be replacing–and surpassing– the extracurriculars that were limited or cut due to the pandemic. How? Well, our publications and other activities are not run by students or inconsistent faculty advisors. Our students are trained under professional editors and project managers. We also have a slate of recent national winners who give students a boost for the school competitions that are going on this year.

Elevated Extracurriculars

This summer, Nan ran an intensive remote journalism camp (limited to 6 participants) during which each of her students finished their pieces with a 1:1 live-editing session with investigative journalist Nick Nehamas, who was a recipient of the 2018 Pulitzer for his work on the Panama Papers

Northwestern Medill students taught them the fundamentals of journalism, and they also learned from Chris Herring of FiveThirtyEight, NYT essayist Jasmine Sanders , and The Ringer’s  Tyler Tynes,

Students who want to advance in The Vanguardians’ activities will also undergo a full training, be it in journalism or robotics.

We better prepare students for their School competitions and train them to take Vanguardian extracurriculars to national acclaim. An ambitious goal, yes, but just look at how far Chris (at left) has come in a single year of journalism 

Innovative Service Groups

Community service is NOT about the number of hours spent: it is about the impact and originality of the work. This requirement is a chance for students to leverage a hobby or skill into an unique way to bring joy to their community, especially in a year as bleak as 2020.

A perfect example is Dreaming in Color, founded by a squad of student-artists who record tutorials (on everything from sketching technique to letter journaling) to brighten the lives of those bored in quarantine.

With the help of a project manager, these girls have created incredible content on a consistent basis, demonstrating innovation, dedication, and leadership.

Elite Coaching & Awards

Given that students will have fewer chances to distinguish themselves as athletes, hackers, or debators, The Vanguardian has recruited recent champions in nationally recognized activities such as Public Forum Debate. Since every opportunity to shine matters more, we want our students to train with the VERY best in addition to what their own schools can offer.

Pictured at left is Tvisha Malik, the #1 ranked PF forum debater in the nation both her junior year of high school and her first year of college. For Admissionary students, Tvisha’s coaching has taken them to the next level.

Guided Independent Projects

Over the summer, Admissionary students were strongly encouraged to venture out of their comfort zone to create high-caliber projects that would allow them to both learn a new skill while also displaying their expertise.

An aspiring public health major partnered with a precocious computer science student to create a podcast on the implications–especially unintentional–that technological change inflicts on society.

Of course, most podcast ideas–even great ones–never become reality. Thanks to Dan Hu, our Northwestern Medill multi-media savant, these rising seniors not only dove deeper into their own niches, but also learned to script, edit, and produce.

Their finished product  “THE RONA PODCAST” is thought-provoking, impeccably-researched, and the epitome of intellectual leadership

So try some new activities, and elevate your original activities with The Vanguardian.  Above are just a few examples of the incredible work Nan’s students have produced in the quarantine summer–we can’t wait to expand the talent pool to launch everything from a scientific journal to service initiatives that highlight our students’ community dedication, quirky talents, and leadership skills.