Multi-Year College Strategy Guidance

-Students meet with Nan Ni to craft and refine your long-term college application strategy.

-Nan also founded The Admissionary, where 50% of her Asian American students matriculated at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, or Princeton over the last two seasons.

Trained Tutors Selected from Elite Universities

By offering a far-above market rate, flexibility, and support, we are able to hire and retain only tutors with expertise, teaching skills, and a talent for helping students develop.

Flexibly Tailored to Student Needs

-“Office Hour” zoom rooms for 1:1 help on assignments: Monday-Friday evenings

-“The Writier’s Workshop” zoom room for English and History essays: Sunday-Thursday

Unique Opportunities to Lead Teams & Innovate

Top competitive extracurriculars (newspaper editors, champion debaters, and trained mathletes)

-Innovative skills-based community service programs to match your passions

Attend Selective Summer Programs

-Vanguardian students will have a significant advantage with selective summer enrichment experiences through seminars and 1:1 application workshops

-These programs give students a significant boost in college applications and invigorate new passions

Self-paced Curriculum & Additional AP Classes

-Complete range of AP classes and Collegiate Math (Multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations)

-Or take prerequisites to accelerate your AP pathway